a seductive invitation over an urban groove



I didn’t know which way you’d go

I thought it better not to know

So then I put on lace

For just in case

And I was ready for the show


You had a twinkle in your eye

As you got closer on the sly

And all that I could do  

To make it through

Was down a shot and cross my thighs


The way you smell it drives me wild

Your skin has got me riled

I’d love to kiss you on the smile

And I really like your style

So stay a little while


When we were dancing on the floor

I couldn’t take it anymore

And then we shared a look

That’s all it took

And we were walking out the door


The way you smell it drives me wild

Your skin has got me riled

I’d love to kiss you on the smile

And I really like your style

So stay a little while


Stay with me till morning

Love  me through the night

Leave without a warning  

But first stay a little while


As the night is moving forward

boy we’re picking up traction

We go so much chemistry

we’re on our way to reaction

We need… time and space

to reach a whole new dimension

You are raring to go…

And by the way did I mention?


Your smell it drives me wild

Your skin has got me riled

I’d love to kiss you on the smile

And I really like your style

So stay a little while

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Multi-instrumentalist and producer, Filip Dascalu is from Bucharest. A talented Romanian, he picked up a guitar in high school and never let it go. He studied classical and jazz guitar at the National School of the Arts, Bucharest, and later spent some time learning music at university. He is also a luthier who makes beautiful instruments (including the MB signature guitar). He is married to Ioana and they have two beautiful boys.


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“Stay a Little While” narrates a first date where the sexual chemistry becomes the protagonist. This song is not about Mr. Right, but about Mr. Right Now. It is a medium tempo song with an urban hip hop beat under a dark, jazzy R&B guitar groove.

The vocals are sexy and urban with a touch of film noir. They are complemented by a soulful baritone guitar. Intimate and provocative, the beat will make your body groove.

“We knew early on that this would be our first single,” says Veronica Cancio De Grandy, lead singer and co-founder. “It flowed so easily,” adds Filip Dascalu, multi-instrumentalist, producer and co-founder, “the main idea for the arrangement just flowed, and the rest was just a lot of polishing.”

Songwriters: Veronica Cancio De Grandy, Humberto Cancio Jr, Filip Dascalu.

ISRC: QZDA72216339

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the video

The video story references the popular ASMR+OnlyFans+Patreon communities. There will be two versions of the video with different soundtracks: one version with a traditional music track and one with an ASMR track.


It tells the story of a top-tier patron of this ASMR artist who earns the exclusive MB ASMR Experience. The concept is a commentary on the perceived intimacy between Internet personalities and their followers; are these connections real? 


The music video was filmed with a budget of under €600 on an iPhone 12 Pro using Filmic (Per Apple, Lady Gaga used an iPhone 11 Pro and Filmic Pro for her 'Stupid Love' video). The team consisted of friends and volunteers.















The production was on location, in Munich, as part of an innovative, international, project where Magnetic Bonbons worked with producer Betina Mazzarino and director Rubén Andón; both award recipients at Cannes, the Clios and ranked highly by the Gunn Report. 


The project was planned virtually, and the directing was done live from Buenos Aires.  This meant the director was directing via Zoom at 2 a.m. (GMT-3). The production was also multilingual and the concept completely original.

Production team: Hans Schäfer, Antonio Escobar Molero, Veselina Arnaudova, Jürgen Frankholz and Yves Seissler.


behind the scenes


FIDAS & Miss V formed Magnetic Bonbons, in Munich in early 2019 after playing together on other projects. The band's sound falls somewhere between progressive and retro pop. But the band believes in giving each song what it asks for in terms on style and arrangement.


Their music has a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds with a distinct vintage flavor. Always looking for the story in the song, they take care that the music and words complement each other to tell it.


The band’s artistic influences include the Beatles, Norah Jones, Sting, Pink Martini, Amy Winehouse and Vaya con Dios, among others.

the magnetic bonbons

Miss V

Born in Miami, Florida, lead singer Veronica Cancio De Grandy is a fifth generation artist and has been writing songs for over two decades. She likes lyrics that tell a story, but isn’t above a good “yeah, yeah, yeah.” Performing on stage since she was nine: from musicals to operettas, plays and improv, Veronica has studied vocal technique in the U.S. and Germany. She's allergic to milk and has a master's in international journalism. 

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