Magnetic Bonbons is Veronica and Filip: one-part Cuban American singer, one-part Romanian multi-instrumentalist, two parts songwriting, and a heaping spoonful of creativity. We’re a musical group based in Munich with influences from all over the world. Currently recording our first EP.

Born in Miami, Florida, Veronica comes from a musical family and has been writing and cowriting songs for almost two decades. She likes complex lyrics that tell a story, but isn’t above a good “yeah, yeah, yeah.” She's studied vocal technique in the U.S. and Munich. 

Filip is from Bucharest, he picked up a guitar in high school and never let it go. He studied classical and jazz guitar at the National School of the Arts, Bucharest, and later spent some time learning music at university. He is also a luthier who makes beautiful instruments. He is married to Ioana and they have two beautiful boys. 

Our sound is eclectic, with strong vintage feels and curated influences from each of our backgrounds. We both love music and cherry pick creatively. 

We’re millennials (barely) born three months and half a world apart; in 1982.